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FEB / 2024

Develop some landing pages for a property consulting company in France. Adapting existing design styles and layouts, to create new landing pages that are suitable for advertising purposes. Under SATUVISION management.

Monaco Agency

FEB / 2024

Website redesign for a 360° marketing agency based in Monaco. Present their services with elegance and clarity. Strengthen the agency’s image of professionalism and modernity. Under SATUVISION management.


DEC / 2023

Website design and brand guidelines for a specialist digital marketing company for e-commerce in Jakarta, Indonesia. The design uses a creative, modern, and bold concept. Under SATUVISION management.

Munduk Real Estate

NOV / 2023

Website design for a real estate company in Munduk, Bali. The main feature is for buying and selling land. Combining natural and architectural impressions into one design. Under SATUVISION management.


OCT / 2023

E-commerce website design for a swimwear brand based in Germany. Using clean and simple design, focused on displaying products. Also designed a new way for fit guide. Under SATUVISION management.

Penida Colada

SEP / 2023

Website design for a bar in Nusa Penida, Bali. Bringing the tropical feel of Nusa Penida Beach to the website. Also design an attractive way to display the menu on the website. Under SATUVISION management.

Grün Resort

SEP / 2023

Website landing page design for a boutique hospitality company based in Bali. The design focus is to maximize ad performance. The design adapts a natural tree house style. Under SATUVISION management.

Murex Resort

AUG / 2023

Website landing page design for a beachside resort in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The design will be used to advertise the resort and also the diving activities there. Under SATUVISION management.

Ayurvedagram Bali

AUG / 2023

Wireframe design and website development for a resort in Ubud, Bali that offers a stay experience while rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul using traditional Ayurvedic healing. Under SATUVISION management.

Further Hotel

AUG / 2023

Website landing page design for an urban-tropical hotel in Pererenan, Bali. The design was created for advertising purposes. Adapting the main page design, but focusing on ads optimization. Under SATUVISION management.

Segara Lombok

JUL / 2023

Website design and development for a resort in Lombok, Indonesia. The project aims to revamp their old website to make it more trendy and appropriate for displaying information. Under SATUVISION management.

GOTAP France

JUN / 2023

Website design for a smart business card company site based in France. The design combines dark and light themes. Also added a feature for live card customization. Under SATUVISION management.

Hi-Human Agency

APR / 2023

Website design for a digital marketing agency. The design includes wireframe and prototype. Custom-designed with a modern dark theme, cool elements, and interactions. Under SATUVISION management.

Teman Liveaboard

MAR / 2023

Website redesign for Indonesian cruise business. Bringing a luxurious, modern, and professional sailing feel to the website. Also designing a custom layout form for order schedules. Under SATUVISION management.

Satu Academy

MAR / 2023

Website design for an online learning company, seminars, and workshops for individuals or companies. Applying modern and futuristic concepts to reflect current and future knowledge. Under SATUVISION management.

Media Group Asia

FEB / 2023

Website design for a holding company in the digital marketing sector based in Indonesia. Use a simple and modern design to display all locations and brands of the company. Under SATUVISION management.

SATUVISION Switzerland

FEB / 2023

Website design for a digital marketing agency based in Switzerland. Trying to give a unique impression to visitors by adding design ornaments that can be moved. Under SATUVISION management.

Maha Auto Gallery

DEC / 2022

Website design and development from scratch to live for a motorbike and car rental company in Bali. The design is custom-made according to the company branding and the main functions. Freelance project.

15 Writers

DEC / 2022

Revamp the website design of 15 Writers, an academic essay and dissertation writing business. A more trendy and user-friendly appearance for advertising purposes. Under SATUVISION management.

Nadi Nature Resort

OCT / 2022

Website design for Nadi Nature Resort. Displaying nature resort and farm cafe on a website. Combining an elegant branding concept with the natural beauty of Jatiluwih, Bali. Under SATUVISION management.

Inspira Villa Seminyak

SEP / 2022

Website design for Inspira Villa Seminyak. Design an elegant, chic, and luxurious website feel. The design also adapts to the brand guidelines and building style directly on-site. Under SATUVISION management.

Photo Tour Bali

SEP / 2022

Website design for a photography and tour business in Bali. Bringing a sense of adventure to the design. Handling content structure, copywriting, and on-page SEO. Under SATUVISION management.

My Property Bali

SEP / 2022

Website design for a property marketplace based in Bali, Indonesia. The website serves as a platform for users to easily and simply search for properties and property listings. Under SATUVISION management.

Kios GO

SEP / 2022

Logo creation for an Android mobile payment application KiosGO. This application is used for various types of transactions at shops that are registered as merchants. Freelance project.

Deep Roots Resort

AUG / 2022

Elegant, modern, and natural website design for a luxury barefoot diving and yoga resort in Nusa Penida, Bali. Combining unique branding, nature, and interesting activities. Under SATUVISION management.

Smart Advisory Solutions

MAY / 2022

Designing company profile and job portal website for a company specializing in legal consulting, accounting, payroll, and more. Adapting the design to the brand book. Under SATUVISION management.


MAY / 2022

Website design for a creative agency and community based in Bali. The website uses a creative, modern, and trendy design concept using a dark theme with 3D elements. Under SATUVISION management.

Antoine Audouin

APR / 2022

Personal website design for a professional health lawyer from France. The design is made with a legal, trustworthy, and modern feel combined with law-related images. Under SATUVISION management.

Iban Design

MAR / 2022

Website design for clothing store. The website is in the form of a catalog to display its products. This website is connected to several marketplaces for the purchasing process. Under SATUVISION management.

Sofitel Nusa Dua

JAN / 2022

Website design for a five-star French-inspired luxury beachfront resort in Nusa Dua, Bali. Prioritizing a clean, modern, and elegant style without losing the essence of the brand. Under SATUVISION management.

OutSystem x Ifabula

DEC / 2021

Landing page design for marketing in comic strip form. This website is used to offer IT solution services and books based on cases owned by clients, especially IT Leaders. Under SATUVISION management.

Loker Bali

NOV / 2021

Website design for job vacancies in Bali. Applying a simple and clean design makes this website a professional portal that brings together job seekers and job providers. Under SATUVISION management.

Setyo Syahindra

OCT / 2021

See how I made this website from scratch to live, a UI/UX Designer portfolio website design and development. Including content creation, maintenance, SEO, and everything. Personal project.


SEP / 2021

Website design in the form of an essential oil shop catalog. Use a fun and colorful design style. This website is also connected to several marketplaces for the purchasing process. Under SATUVISION management.


OCT / 2021

Full website design for a hospitality digital marketing agency based in Bali. The design includes a company profile, landing pages, illustrations, icons, images, and everything. Under SATUVISION management.

GOTAP Indonesia

AUG / 2021

Website design and prototype for a smart business card company based in Indonesia. The design includes a company profile, dashboard, shop, dashboard, and custom landing page. Under SATUVISION management.